ers was 1.75 billion, ranking top of the world. The number of mobile internet users (3G and 4G) doubled to 1.31 billion in 2018 from 580 million in 2014, an average increase of 22.4 percent year-on-year. 上海千花网品茶微信 Internet consumption unlocked residents’ consumption potential. By the end of 2018, the number of internet users inv olved in online shopping reached 610 million, accounting for 73.6 percent of all internet users.  上海千花网China’s express business has remained the top of the world after it surpassed the US in 2014. At t he end of 2018, the number of express delivery rocketed to 50.7 billion from 1.53 million in 1988.Read More →

efited from the country’s reform and opening-up and has enjoyed greater room for growth and development in the areas of society, economy and livelihoods. 上海千花网On “two systems”, after its return to the motherland, Hong Kong is still internationally recognized as one of the freest ec onomies in the world, with the basic rights and freedoms of Hong Kong people fully protected by the Basic Law, Lam said.上海千花网上海品茶 “Every one of us in Hong Kong, though holding different views and assuming different roles, loves this place and treasures our long-cheris hed values. I and the SAR government will double our efforts to restore people’s confidence andRead More →

 more than 4,300 clients completed the standard s eries of three vaccinations within six months. 上海千花网品茶微信The Boao pilot zone is the first place o n the Chinese mainland allowed to import HPV 9-valent vaccine s and other drugs without needing central government permission, in line with the nine prefe rential policies granted by the State in 2013 – in this case, speci上海千花网 al permission to import medical technology, medical equipment and medicine. The provincial health and drug administrations will also s end more supervisors to the pilot zone to provide guidance and coordination and strengt上海千花网品茶微信 hen supervision of medical institutions, the statement said.he rates oRead More →

ent at the firs上海千花网品茶微信t China-Japan capital market forum to allow cross-listing of ETF products on the bourses of both countries. With that, qualified institutional investors in China and Jap an were allowed to set up cross-border funds to invest in ETF products in either country. Also unveiled on Tuesday were four ETF connectivity products introduced by the Japanese comp anies Nomura Asset Management, Nikko Asset Management, Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Ma nagement and Asset Manage One. The four products are traded at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Fang Xinghai, vice-chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission, said at the launch ceremony that China-Japan E TF Connectivity, togetherRead More →

on to look into the future amid urban life, and the other is to look back on rural history – it’s our past,” he says, adding that this contradiction – resisting urban ization while at the same time embracing progress – has driven the emergence of modern thought and di scourse, which has become the internal motivation for change in art, literature and philosophy. Ethnic Tibetan writer A Lai, famous for his novel Settling Dust, which was also published und er the title Red Poppies, says many of the writers today still depict rural life as they imagine it, rather than ob serving and reflectingRead More →

d the United States, Microsoft, has a long and deep relationship with China that has led to both business benefits and collab orative innovations – like the launch of the Global Innovation Exchange project in 2017 brought toge ther by Microsoft, China’s Tsinghua University and the University of Washington, he said. Habib said relations with China have also benefited Boeing, another major company in Washington. “There’s no question that China is the most significant destination for aerospace,” said Habib, as China “has the biggest middle class and it’s growing. Along with that comes a tremendous increase in demand for both passenger travel and freight mobility.”Read More →

China in 2018 had 202 unicorns valued at a combined total of $744.6 billion, according to a Greatwall Strategy Consultants report. A unicorn is a privately held startup valued at more than $1 billion. Seven of the companies are considered super unicorns – companies valued at more than $10 billion, the report said. They are Ant Financial ($150 billion), Bytedance ($75 billion), Didi Chuxing ($60 bi llion), Kuaishou ($20 billion), JD Digits ($20 billion), Cainiao ($20 billion) and Bitmain ($14.5 billion). China’s unicorns come from 22 industries, with e-commerce, smart logis tics, new entertainment, artificial intelligence, and new energy and smart vehicles the top fiveRead More →

den was announced as the winner and Zheng refused to acknowledge the Briton’s victory before sensationally collapsing on the podium and leaving the competition area in tears. “I have been doing this sport for 16 years, but this is the first time I have realized that a taekwondo match could be played like this. Zheng, competing in her fifth world championships, said on hea ring the British national anthem playing, she felt too weak to stand on the podium. “I felt very guilty for not winning the gold for my coach, my teammates and my country. We h ave been working so hard for thisRead More →

ating to broadband connections at reasonable rates. General Secretary Xi Jinping issued instructi ons on several occasions, stressing the need for enhanced information infrastructure building to provide people with acc essible, affordable and user-friendly information services. Premier Li Keqiang emphasized that solid efforts must be made for faster and more affordable internet services and sharpen the country’s international competitiveness in this regard. Figures from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that 1,000M broadband has been piloted in 100-plus Chin ese cities. The country now has more than 3.76 million 4G base stations and 1.17 billion-strong 4G network users. It was agreed at theRead More →

burst into flames on the ground.”According to The Associated Press, the plane reportedly did not jettison fuel before th e landing, as is common procedure. It was not clear why the crew did not do that. Aside from the dead, nine people were hospitalized, three of them seriously injured, authorities said. Russian President Vladimir Putin offered his condolences to the victims’ loved ones a nd said the investigation into the disaster “should be as thorough as possible”. The jet took off from Sheremetyevo at 6:02 pm local time and the crew issued a distress signal shortly afterward, officials said. The aircraft’s black boxes have beenRead More →