He said the company’s strong performance in Q2 demonstrated the resilience of its superior business model. “We will continue to increase investment in technology, such as artificial上海会所 intelligence, big data, cloud computing continue to sustain investment. At the same t 上海会所ime, we will continue to invest in new categories, such as fresh food and supermarket,” Liu added. China’s capital city Beijing is expected to build over 10,000 5G base stations b y the end of 2019, the overseas edition of the People’s Daily reported on Wednesday.上海会所品茶微信 Statistics show China Tower, China’s telecommunications tower infrastructure service provider , has completed construction and delivered 7,863 5G baseRead More →

 a century ago, with the idea revived after the foundation of the People’s Re public of China in 1949, but various hurdles prevented it from progressing. Trains fina上海会所 lly began running on the first section of the line to open, from Chengdu to Ya’an in Sichuan province, in December. 上海会所The third section of the line, between Ya’an and Nyingchi, will be one of the world’s most challenging railway projects because it winds through the Sichuan Ba sin, Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, climbing from 600 meters above sea level to nearly 4,5上海会所 00 meters, according to Zhao Jian, a professor of rail transportation at BeijingRead More →

ears to be stabilizing on the back of recently enhanced supportive measures. The report expanded the number of countries it scrutinizes for curr ency manipulation to 21 from 12. Countries with a current account surplus with the US e quivalent to 2 percent of GDP were put on the watch list, compared with 3 percent of GDP before. China didn’t meet the “currency manipulator” criteria listed by the US Treasury, but Washi ngton will continue assessing the RMB’s performance given China’s large trade surplus with the US, the report said. The US Treasury removed India from the watch list, while it added Singapore, Malaysia andRead More →

ssage to the students who attended the school reunion, saying, “Do you remember the gathering two years ago? I’ll get even with him (Xie Diao)!” Previous reports said Zhou confessed to police after the incident that w hat Xie had said in the gathering made him feel unpleasant in the past two years. On Dec 12, 2018, Zhou went to Beijing for a trip. Two days later in the evening, Xie Diao met Zh ou at a restaurant outside the school. He even took a photo for Zhou and sent it to their high school Wechat group. The surveillance footage from the restaurant recorded everythingRead More →

More than one million people have visited the Beijing International Horticultura l Exhibition since it opened on April 29, the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition Coordination Bureau said. At 11 am May 17, Yan Shuchen from Zhangjiakou of Hebei province became the one-millionth visitor to the expo. When his family of three entered the Gate No 1, two officials of the bureau w alked toward them and after congratulating them, presented them a gift, a pair of mascots for the expo. Yan said he drove his wife and daughter fromtech companies began to freeze the supply o f components and software to Huawei Technologies after theRead More →

 our country. We must encourage fair competition, and ensure that our measures to lower internet service charges are fully delivered as they are an impo rtant part of our efforts in improving people’s lives,” Premier Li said.Baisu Gulang, a 37-year-old horse hea d fiddle maker, makes a horse head fiddle in Qian Golos Mongolian autonomous county of Songyuan, Nort heast China’s Jilin province, May 15, 2019. Under his father’s influence, Baisu Gulang has an ardent love in making and playin g horse head fiddle, a traditional musical instrument favored by Mongolian ethnic group. He started lear ning to make horse head fiddle when he wasRead More →

n skating and skiing lessons, said Zheng Shiyong, deputy director of Yanqing district’s education commission. “We will continue supporting and encouraging more people to participate in winter sports,” he said, adding that around 17,000 students will experience winter activities by the end of this year. Some professional winter sports activities have also been designed into the distr ict’s education plans, with more professional instruction to students, according to Zheng. The district’s education authorities also cooperated with its sports bu reau to make winter ice and snow sports available to all residents in the area. “We will have 110,000 people participating in winter ice and snowRead More →

e infants said in a social media post that at least three babies had died at Shunde Hospital. He cited a suspected cross-infection in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit in March and April. According to the post, his child was born on April 6 and was infected between April 7 and 10. On April 11, the infant was transferred to Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital in Guangzhou. The chi ld was found to be infected with an intestinal virus and died after treatment lasting more than a week. Many newborns were transferred to other hospitals after becoming infected, he said. The health commission said theRead More →

hares plunged this week after its first earnings as a public company. Uber was the biggest of a group of Silicon Valley startups that have spent ye ars raising money in private rounds at record prices. Many of these companies are now looking to follow with their own IPO. Some, like Uber and Lyft, are unprofitable. Workplace messaging company Slack Technologies Inc plans to hold an investor presentation on Monday in adv ance of its direct listing next month. Grocery and food delivery platform Postmates, WeWork owner The We Co mpany and online mattress retailer Casper Sleep are among startups seeking to launch IPOs thisRead More →

theoretical knowledge, but also very good and deep experience in different types of satellites. For example, Professor Hu was part of China’s own satellite program from th e very beginning, and Professor Cui has taken part in both of my nation’s remote-sensing satellite projects. “All of them have at least 10 years of experience in satellite re search and development. This is very important and very unique,” he added. Moreno Pena said China is special to him, professionally as well as personally. “I met my wife during my first training in Beijing in 2007. She was also a Venezuelan studying spacecraft here at that time,”Read More →