Comprehensive report the web technology to the iPhone’s privacy problem has bec ome the focus of attention.Recently, there is a safety agency said apple FaceTime major defec ts, when users use the function call, can be in each other before the answer or refuse to answer, can hear the other person.   This also means that the user can eavesdrop on any basically talk iOS users. And, more importantly, speech won’t perceive someone eavesdropping on the conversations.   Have foreign media by making the iPhone X using FaceTim e with iPhone XR recreates the user calls this defect.It is und erstood that the defects affect the runningRead More →

  The first scene [vale ore dam collapse Killing at least 58 people were killed, 305 missing 】 on January 25th noon local time minas gerais state in southeastern Brazil bloom matte new city a waste dam bursts, up to now, the accident has killed 58 people, another 256 people missing.Dam burst of ore belongs to the vale of Latin America’s first big mining ind ustry company, the dam is mainly used to store ore mining as produced by the industrial slag, the total of about 12.3 mi llion cubic meters.Ore after the dam burst, a large number of mud and industrial waste into the officeRead More →

Just the web comprehensive coverage rump on twitter for former starbucks CEO Howard schultz responded to run for P resident.He said on twitter, “Howard schultz didn’t the courage to run for President.Look at his perf ormance last night on “60 minutes”, I quite agree with, he says he is he is not a “wise man”.In addition, the United States ha s a wise man!I only hope, starbucks can continue to give me pay for their rent in the trump tower!” According to a CNN reported previously, a former star bucks CEO Howard schultz, 27, said he was seriously considered in 2020 as a “centrist independent”Read More →

  According to the reports of sina science and technology, at noon on January 28 th, lenovo CEO Yang yuanqing appeared in the company canteen, wore a white coat and wearing a chef hat, he played a chef for the employees in the canteen side dishes, posture is very low.   Yang yuanqing, a face of serious side dish for the empl oyees, to know in Forbes’ 2017 Chinese CEO pay charts, Yang yuanqing on $156 million annual salary at the top.Billionaire side dish for ordinary staff, it is hard to imagine!   As a chef by Yang yuanqing, lenovo employees gathered   Yang yuanqing, lenovo company canteen chefRead More →

  Lei joined the Spanish!Lin gao envy voice: he completed the dream of every Chinese player! cupied the vision of the fans, unconsciously, lei abroad things become a reality, the thought is not port of Sh anghai on the club agreed to one of the things it has become a reality!Finally, lei going to play abroad then experience wha t it’s like to be in a foreign country, I believe that many fans still have a lot of worry!   For such arrangements abroad, I believe that is not only the fans, maybe even the lei didn’t re ady.Lei, it is said, the contract is at theRead More →

  Beijing time message on 27 January, 2019 Asian cup match is in progress, although in the Asian cup, the Chinese team ranked sixth, create the best result, si nce the recent annual only ranked fifth behind the strong South Korea in Asia, but that does not make our strength.On t he contrary, as lippi left, lei his rehabilitation, after China’s national soccer team’s way will be more bad go.   After the Asian cup, Evergrande club held a meeting today, according to the ga me, the club have come to make sure the team’s player zheng zhi, Lin gao, zhang linpeng awarded MEDALS, and wi llRead More →

In a new period of program, bao wenjin to SAN SAN yuan home, poking fun at the SAN SAN yuan home like “pig sty”, “this is her home, I thought it was the wholesale market”. In the face of netizens “SAN SAN yuan room”, she responded: “know that I now is disorderly” room “the wind messed up .After the last gold medal bao wenjin teaching, have in improving slowly.I can also save, you don’t give up on me.” Netizens have said: “you are the most lovely, never abandon, do not give up”, “th at depends on your performance, look at daddy’s expression is really fuckRead More →

Bring passengers with cabbage and ticket network video screenshots Recently, the hubei a coach driver was fined 200 yuan for passengers with rad ish cabbage, law enforcement police said “law cannot take goods, green vegetables belong to goods”. After launch, around the traffic police than usual pay more attention to traffic safety.The above events, is probably re lated to attaches great importance to, but this kind of “value” seem overstated, it is no wonder that trigger netizens.In h ubei highway police “mistakes” instead, early January 27 seasonable cancel the un deserved punishment, suspend work, the related police ordered officials to apologize to the parties. ForRead More →

Figure: dirk nowitzki use trademarks “leg” in the game.DiaoHaiYang perturbation Saturday, according to NBA China’s official website on lone ranger nowitzki has been invited by alliance, charlotte will attend this year all star 3 point shooting contest. Nowitzki selected by the bucks since 1998 in the first round of line 9, immediately aft er the transaction to the lone ranger, has been playing for the team today.This season, is nowitzki 21 NBA se ason.Effectiveness for 21 consecutive season with the team, also broke the NBA record kept by kobe Bryant. Dirk nowitzki personal career as much as 38.2% from three, hit 1930 three points, ranRead More →

Not long ago, a video burst out from a foreign website. When the police arrested a couple, their two-year-old daughter was beside them. She was frightened to surrender with both hands. Let’s go and see this. Someone in the video kept saying, “She wants to go out, but she can’t because she’s too young. Oh, she raised her hand. God, look at that. They also pointed their guns at her, oh my God. Of course, this refers to the little girl, to know that this is only a two-year-old girl, in the innocent age of knowing nothing, how much trauma this scene must cause toRead More →